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Breaking the Mould.

New podcast for parents and teens who dare to be different launching soon.

Hi, I’m Michelle.

Artist, Author, Creative Coach and Chief Rule Breaker. I help parents & children  break the mould and realise their potential using creativity as a tool for healing, transformation and authentic self-expression. 

It is my dream that we all unshackle ourselves from social conditioning and create a more inclusive world where we can freely express who we are [not who the world wants us to be].

Mental Health: The New Weapon to Beat Others With

I’m starting to see a new trend for weaponising mental health. In other words, using someone’s known (past or present) mental illness against them. Typically I see this happening in women’s circles where mental health has become the new misogynistic stick to beat...

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From Lost Soul to Living a Life Less Caged

I feel massively inspired by Madonna's Woman of the Year speech at the 2016 Billboard awards. So inspired that I want to share some of my own story. Why? Because it's time that we women united in our power, stepped into our own truth and owned who we are, even the...

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